Friday, 18 July 2014


ice lollies
Gosh but it's been hot.  Sooo very, very hot. I am talking weather-wise here, in case some of my more sensitive readers were starting to shift uncomfortably in their seats.

It has also been the last week of term, and in the case of No.3, my youngest, my baby girl - it has been the last ever week at primary school.  Yep, she's off to BIG SCHOOL in September.


We've just done the Leavers' Assembly, which was lovely and personal and very, very emotional - and last week we gave them a Leavers' Party; where they had water pistol fights, a water slide, pizzas and ice-cream.
We raised money to provide everything for the party, but everyone had to supply their own weapon.  So naturally we got our girl the biggest, baddest beast we could find...

Friday, 27 June 2014


vintage lady listening into radio setI was in the local branch of my bank (as in the bank I use - not the bank I own, obviously) and I was kept waiting 20 minutes past my appointment time.  Now I can't help feeling I should have telephoned them, or perhaps sent a letter saying they had gone over the agreed time and maybe even charged them for it.  But that would be petty (not to mention pointless) and besides, if they'd have been on time I would have missed this exchange:

A Couple had come into the bank and sat in the Waiting Area (where I was...waiting...) and they had brought their large Collie dog in with them.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Things are a little weird in our house at the moment.  My first experience (as a parent) of GCSEs is taking its
toll.  No.1 Son has been pretty awesome and level-headed - but the pressure is starting to show.  He's tired and, no doubt, nervous about the results in August.

But that's enough about him!  What about me?!  I'm exhausted.  This parenting lark is tough.

Add to that the pressure of trying to find a part-time job that:

a) Fits in with the family/dog commitments and
b) Doesn't involve a Deranged Boss. (I haven't mentioned her before.  Ex-boss. Trust me.  De-ranged).

Friday, 23 May 2014


....Or, Simply Hiding in Plain Sight?

I am quite the Conservationist.  Virginia McKenna has got nothing on me.  Every time I walk down our garden (I say, 'down' our garden. This means back down our garden towards the house. You will need to assume that I have already been up the garden and coming back down the garden therefore constitutes the second leg of this epic trip).  Where was I?  Oh yes, every time I walk down our garden I check that the bird feeder is replete with Fabulous Fat Balls
I know. It's humbling.

Well yesterday the Bird Feeder was, indeed, full enough and on closer inspection I noticed there were some 'little extras'.

Friday, 16 May 2014


Or...It's a very testing time 

(see what I did there? I know.  Subtle).

It is GCSE time and No.1 Son is currently embroiled in about a month of examinations.  It's the W Family's
first foray into the realm of Public Examinations, but No.1 seems fairly cool.  Just nervous enough to concentrate (I hope) but not so stressed out as to be gibbering in the corner.

The same can't be said for me, unfortunately.  I have been at various levels of Ultra Tension since his mock exams at the end of last year.   It's all so huge.  How ridiculous to be under this much pressure at age 15. Sitting in the shade of trees whittling a piece of stick is surely a better way to spend these sunny days of youth.